The Quickest Summary of MOCs on the Internet

understand MOCs in 30 seconds.
May 24, 2022
30 seconds

This is the quickest summary of Maps of Content on the internet.

Maps of Content are a key element of a Personal Knowledge Management System.

They help you organize information in a hierarchal structure while still offering extreme flexibility.

MOCs are Like Binders

When in school we had binders. You could move pages wherever you wanted.

Imagine all of your evergreen notes in your PKM system are like pages, ready to be organized into binders.

A MOC is like a binder, but more powerful.

Arranging your MOC

An MOC is a collection of referred evergreen notes. To construct your MOC start by referring to notes.

KEY KNOWLEDGE: Evergreen notes can be referred to an infinite number of times.

Infinite referrability means we have innumerable ways of assembling the same MOC. The function and usefulness of your MOC depends on how you arrange your infinite references.

The goal of an MOC is to make it as useful for YOU as possible. Assemble it accordingly.

Making it Easy

You can create "mini-MOCs" which aggregate floating knowledge into easily referrable packages. I like to call these guides.

Guides are like MOCs , but are smaller & specific.

Once you have written some guides organize them like you would a binder that serves a specific purpose.

The Importance

MOCs help direct yourself towards achieving your goals.

Creating your first MOC changes your brain.

Change your brain, change the world.

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