Focus is Not Just Mental

What would happen if focus didn't take effort?
Self Mastery
June 13, 2022
30 seconds

Focus isn't just a mental pursuit, it's a systemic one.

If we decide not to be intentional about our work environment's design, unintended consequences will occur. We'll find ourselves distracted.

But, how do we design our environment for focus?

Focus is a result of elimination.

I write every day. Both my digital and physical environments have to be void of distractions. My other priorities have to be put on the back burner, no matter how much my mind wants to wander toward them. To do this I...

  • Clean my desktop
  • Filter my tasks
  • Only have the essentials open

I have to say no to other responsibilities. Saying no is a relieving process. Take the stress off.

Sometimes I take advantage of my distraction.

If I'm trying to write a blog post, but my mind can't stop thinking about my website, I'll go to work on my website.

There's no need to resist inspiration.

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