If You Are Young & Confused, Read This

Where would you be at if you committed?
Self Mastery
June 18, 2022
1 minute

I'm 20 years old, and I write this to inspire you if you are young and motivated, but still confused.

Here's a fact: we're all confused. I'm confused, you're confused, and the whole of humanity is confused. Nobody has definite answers because we're all limited to our perspectives.

Often, as "youngsters", we chase our idea of success, but at this age, that idea is always fluctuating. But remember, whatever you commit to, **commit to**.

It's dissatisfying jumping from one project to another, feeling as if progress keeps resetting. It's not, you're learning every step of the way, but please, commit to something for the long-term. You can experiment with interests on the sidelines, but the best thing you can do is fall in love with 1 to 2 things and only do that for the rest of your life.

For me, that's writing. I can never see myself giving up on that. I'll never let anyone get in the way of my 1-2 hours each morning. It's a time of attentive reflection and creation.

Where is your outlet? Is all your life force sucked out by your 9-5? Sit down and figure out a way around your problems. Now. There's no way around it. Use that grit you know you have. Stop looking at what other people are doing and sit down to solve your problems one... step... at... a... time.

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