Simple ways to have too many ideas

A brain dump is like an actual dump, but for your brain.
May 26, 2022
2 minutes

If you're lacking ideas, but not work ethic, this is for you.

Most people get caught up in others' ideas, working for them.

It's not your fault, their ideas are good. But yours can be too. Have enough of them and you can find that 1%.

Here's how to have too many ideas.

Create an Idea Capture System

Start using a text file editor on your phone to capture ideas. Capture any idea from any source if it creates a spark.

"A spark is an immediate affinity for something that has no conscious explanation. Trust your sparks. "

Use voice dictation to capture your thoughts as fast as you can speak. Thoughts are fleeting, but they don't have to be.

Brain dump for 10 minutes a Day

A brain dump is relieving because it feels like an actual dump, but for your brain.

Now you've spent time collecting ideas from others. It's time to get out everything you think about onto paper.

When writing these notes, its super important not to write for others.

We often hold back our true thoughts because of years of conditioning in our childhood. Each person's "writer's confidence" varies, but changing your perspective makes a huge difference.

Always ask the question "What am I trying to say?". This question helps relieve the pressure of writing for an audience.

To start the brain dump, set a stopwatch and aim to write for 10 minutes. Next, write about every single idea coursing through your head. Yes, everything.

I recommend writing about your goals, why you want them, and how you'll get them. This is called a contextual brain dump.

Once you're done, you might have 10+ ideas or thoughts on paper. Some will be self-reflections, others will be goals, and others will be remembrances.

All are useful, but now that they're on paper, it's up to you to act on them.

Cross over Old Ideas

Now you have source ideas and personal ideas. It's time to combine them to make an infinite number of ideas.

Open a blank sheet. Open your old notes.

What ideas and thoughts do you still have questions about? Try answering those questions without Googling it. You'll find you can come up with good answers on your own with just the information on hand.

Keep asking questions, over and over and over. You'll remember old notes you took and you can refer to them to sketch together an answer to these questions.

Trusting your mind instead of others to make decisions is the first step towards having a lot of ideas. Don't be afraid. You're the only one inside your brain.

It's your domain.

The New Problem You'll Face

With a system like this, you might have so many ideas that it's difficult to decide which to focus on. The next problem you'll run into is getting distracted by your own work.

This is a much better problem to have.

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