Stop Listening To Other's Advice

Please don't just read the title. Nuance is a thing.
Self Mastery
June 12, 2022
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There's a lot of irony in giving you advice on how not to give advice. But, please don't just read the title. Nuance is a thing.

You Have Hidden Intelligence

About a month ago I found something valuable from a YouTube short. That's rare.

In this short, Alex Hormozi, one of my favorite gurus, said something that changed my mind about how to think. I use this all the time to solve my most difficult problems.

To find solutions to your problem most people give up and say, "I don't know".

A question you should start asking yourself is...

"What would a person 10 times smarter than me do?".

This question makes you think outside of yourself.

Often we hold ourselves back from getting the real answer. But asking this question helps release the part of you that keeps getting in the way. Instead, you can bring out the part of you that has answers. Has solutions.

Are you allowing a better version of yourself exist?

What advice would your betterself give yourself?

Who can you stop listening to?

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