The Hardest Parts of Building a Community

I'm the owner of HyperGrowth
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June 1, 2022
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I'm the owner of HyperGrowth, an online community with the goal to help people grow on the internet, by growing themselves.

Here are the hardest things about managing it over the last 2 months.

Getting Everyone On the Same Page

The goals of HyperGrowth are clear in my head, but not others.

Communicating the direction of a community takes repetition and time. To make sure HyperGrowth helps people grow on the internet, I have to establish groundrules for what membership means.

It's difficult to hold standards especially when emotions are involved. To hold standards, we have to make sure the members are aligned with the goal of HyperGrowth.

Communication is a key facet of keeping standards. I've observed firsthand how easily things can transpire after 1-2 weeks of no communication.

It Takes So Much Time

It's surprising how many questions people ask about HyperGrowth. Many times, people start asking the same questions over and over.

I've created documents like The HyperGrowth Manifesto to save time conveying what our community is all about.

There's many other documents I need to create, but the core ones are in place.

Keeping the Goal Clear

Not only is communicating the goal of HyperGrowth hard, but getting to that goal is hard. Here's the goal:

"HyperGrowth's goal is to help people grow on the internet, by growing themselves"

This goal is inspirational but vague. How we choose to get there is ever-changing. It's the goal of HyperGrowth to keep us ever-adapting to achieve it for everyone.

Keeping the goal simple and specific acts as a foundation for HyperGrowth.

Final Thoughts

Although there are challenge with building a community, all the benefits are there. All success comes from community.

Why would it matter if you were alone?

If you're the type of person who wants a community to grow online with, HyperGrowth may be perfect for you. Learn how we do that here.

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