The Two Kinds of Observers

Do you observe passively or actively?
Self Mastery
May 29, 2022
1 minute

There are two kinds of observers in each of us.

Which one do you let take over most often?

The two kinds

An observer is anyone who watches.

Then comes how you observe.

Do you observe passively or actively?

"Passive observing is when we allow other people's agendas to sweep us off our feet. We allow this to happen through our unwillingness to think for ourselves."

Passive observing is like watching a movie. The movie draws you into the lives of other people. People who know nothing about you and can't care for you. You're unknown.

The less often we think for ourselves, the more often others can persuade us. This is the difference between accepting a life given to you and getting the life you want.

The longer we sit watching others, but not joining them, the more passive we become.

Active Observing

Active observing changes everything.

"Active observing is when we watch with a purpose to act."

When we watch with the purpose to act we engage with the information. Engagement is one of the most powerful forms of learning. It surpasses reading a book and watching a video.

Engagement is when we use the information. More importantly, it's when we use the information to create idea emergence.

Idea emergence is when we use what we've observed to create new patterns of thought. Originality comes from active observing.

Once we've captured that idea, we can use that to create new opportunities for ourselves.

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