To Become a Terrible Writer, Write For Someone Else

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June 8, 2022
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If I'm writing it's silly to disconnect the subject from myself. I'm writing the words after all!

If you are finding it difficult to write, write from your perspective with no guardrails.

You'll find that writing just flows, no matter how crappy. At first, you'll make vague statements and use quivering syntax, but it'll come around in the editing stage.

When you write from your perspective, style, personality, and original ideas flow. At first, you'll have the impression you are being vain by making it about yourself.

But you need to learn to swallow that humble pride and write. Stop trying to be virtuous by hiding your intentions. Nobody likes a guesser.

Speak as if you were speaking to a close friend or relative. Someone you can say anything to.

Don't treat your sentences like states and your work as the country. Stop regulating yourself.

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