Value Capturing and Packaging

Are you in a value cycle?
Content Creation
June 11, 2022
1 minute

I'm a part of a daily blog post Slack channel. Today, I read a post that Elizabeth Beeli wrote titled "Value Creation".

The idea I took home...

"Value is created through human interaction."

Anytime we speak with one another sparks fly. I've noticed this with myself while on a Zoom call or at a restaurant. Conversations can go on for hours and hours. Over a year ago, I attended Praxis weekend and I talked until 4 AM. My 7 AM flight didn't look so fun after that.

Those long conversations sparked many ideas in my mind. But something that's often missing is capturing value.

Capturing value is something we don't do strategically enough. Perhaps, we hoard information and never use it or we never capture the information in the first place. There's something special in the middle.

Notetaking is the first step towards capturing value. I take notes every day for this exact reason. Anytime a spark occurs, I write it down. You'll never know when it'll come in handy.

I've committed myself to write every day no matter my mood or the timing. It's not hard to write a couple of sentences or paragraphs and post it. Our minds create problems that don't exist. Just package what you've already written and ship it. You'll never know what sparks may fly.

Sharing creates more human interaction and the cycle continues. Are you creating a cycle?

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