Why do We Look Down When We Walk By?

Strangers aren't danger. They're just like you.
June 15, 2022
1 minute

This morning, at 5:45 AM, I went on a walk. The usual around this time is to drink coffee and sit inside, but I've realized the importance of

  1. physical movement
  2. simple socialization

Socialization is something often overlooked. It's so overlooked that parents will punish their children by restricting them from it. That's a recipe for madness.

Growing up, I went to public school of 3000. There was no choice but to socialize with unfamiliar and uncomfortable faces. Everyday I would walk in and avoid eye contact with most people by tilting my head down. I even did that on my walk this morning.

I wonder why I do that. Am I scared?

What would happen if I said good morning and made direct eye-contact with everyone I crossed paths with? I became aware of this possibility this morning and started saying good-morning as people stride by. I found it easier with less people around. Few are up this early.

I even made light conversation with the Starbucks barista lady. I asked her, "Do you usually get busy around 7:00 AM?". She replied, "Yeah, some people come in around then because they have work soon."

I'm not sure why I see this as an achievement, but it is. Talking to strangers is a heart-opening experience. Its curious to see how their face lights up a bit and if you ask them the right question, they'll stop and pause. Strangers are the kindest people when you give them a chance.

People you know the best are usually the toughest on you.

Both have something to offer. Are you looking for it?

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