Why I Like Zoom Calls

Zoom fatigue doesn't have to exist
June 5, 2022
1 minute

People have extreme opinions of Zoom calls, but I happen to like them.

Here's why.

They Save Time

Zoom calls are underrated in their ability to quickly communicate information. If I ever have a question at work, I can hop on a quick Zoom call with my manager and get it answers immediately. Sharing screens is a godsend. As long as the call stays focused, it should only take 5 minutes to get the problem resolved.

Chatting back in forth in a DM takes too much time. A problem that could be solved with a single 5-minute Zoom call, might be solved with an hour-long back-and-forth DM session. The difference is absurd.

Focused face-to-face dialogue speeds everything up.

They're Great for Socializing

I've made countless friends over Zoom.

In Praxis, my college alternative community, people drop random Zoom social call links. It's fun to drop by and chat for a few minutes or thirty. People talk about work, life, and problems they have. Often, people get their problems solved on these Zoom calls, since we brainstorm ways to help each other.

A community of people can use a Zoom call in a productive way. Simple tools used well can make a huge impact.

Zoom Fatigue Doesn't Have to Exist

Zoom fatigue happens because businesses and schools overschedule them on people's calendars. It's silly.

Back-to-back sessions in which you feel pressured to have your camera on and be ready are terrible. Also, large Zoom calls are the worst. Why can't we get a TL:DR?

But, this doesn't have to be the case.

I'm lucky enough to only have 1-2 mandatory Zoom calls a day for work. But, outside of that, I'm free to host my own Zoom calls.

When you can host your own Zoom call, you can focus on what it talked about and why. Getting people excited to engage is something I enjoy facilitating.

Zoom energizing is a new skill.

What if no one wants to Zoom?

If you don't have a community to Zoom with, I would recommend getting one! Host a community, invite people, and drop a link. It's that easy.

Having a Zoom call you can look forward to every day makes Zoom something to enjoy, not dread.

Stop being shy. Socializing is success.

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