Lego Logic is Bigger Than You Think

LEGO logic is powerful, but systems outside of our control make sure we don't know it.
May 23, 2022
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Modularity & The Unknown

Modularity is infinitely flexible and scalable.

I learned this when I started playing with LEGOs in 5th grade. My friends and I would pretend that we were building worlds around these chunks of plastic.

The same brick could be placed in an infinite number of ways.

All LEGOs are a representation of something bigger. Something yet to emerge from the pile. LEGOs are a form of thinking. We unlock that bigger picture when we assemble the pieces.

They are a form of exploration. Perhaps our creation surprises or disappoints us. Try again.

When you connect the dots (in this case, the bricks) new forms and functions emerge.

Playing is a form of discovery. A discovery of what?

The unknown.

The infinity of the bricks

Do some bricks have a limit to their use? How much of a limit?

Where do we draw the line between stupid and useful assemblies?

Isn't anything possible if there's an infinite number of ways to assemble bricks?

What if everything is like LEGOs?

I believe everything is just like LEGOs. They're just not shaped like bricks.

They're shaped like you and me.

Where do you fit in? Why?

There's an infinite number of guesses that could answer this question.

The easiest thing to do, is start exploring options. Play. Discover the unknown.

There's an infinite number of unknowns.

All you need is to find yours.

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