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June 16th, 2022

Here's the order of this month's updates...

  1. Ending my 3rd Daily Blog
  2. Experimental Sales at PandaDoc
  3. Saying "Yes" to Less
  4. I Want More Experiences

Ending my Daily Blog

My first blog challenge was back in the October of 2020. Then another one in the November of 2021. The 3rd one is contained here on MadGuides.

There's a big problem with daily publishing most don't realize.  It's a downward slope of burnout, frustration, and randomness. If you want to write for the sake of writing, go ahead, but I have bigger plans.

After the current 30 day blog challenge is over, I'm never going to publish daily again.

I've discovered that publishing daily rushes my thinking and makes me ship content that sucks. And for you, my audience, that isn't giving you the best experience.

So instead, I'll be working longer and deeper on projects that matter.

Experimental Sales at PandaDoc

My new job is familiar, yet difficult.

I've noticed the leads I'm working with now are more difficult to persuade. I have to make 2x the amount of calls to create the same result. 35 vs. 70 calls a day is a huge leap that I'm still getting used to.

My quota used to be 35 and now its 25. Just a 10 opportunity difference makes me feel like I'm not succeeding because I'm used to winning more often with higher intent leads.

Say "Yes" to Less

I've been facing the problem of burnout.

Both my friend Micaela, and this Twitter thread have inspired me to say "yes" to less.

Here's a list:

  • Netflix
  • Other people's CTAs
  • Pointless meetings
  • Extra projects
  • New ideas

That last one, "new ideas", may seem odd. I say that, because I have a tendency to go on too many tangents in my writing. This is why I've decided to avoid new ideas. I may store them, but I'll avoid taking any action past that on them.

I Want More Experiences

Being 20 has its perks. I don't have many expenses or responsibilities outside of work. However, I've felt that I'm lacking in experience.

When I say experience, I mean more like "street cred" than anything. I sense that I've been in a bubble most of my life, and it may be time to get out and see more parts of the world.

Nearer to the end of June I'll be leaving for Denver, Colorado for TOS-con, a philosophy conference. That is 1 of 2 experiences happening in the next few months.

The second one will be in Austin, Texas. I've visited Austin once before and it struck me as a unique city. It has a varied population with a lot of growth trajectory. It has a Hippie scene and a church scene. It seems to have a bit of every color.

I'm happy that I'm getting out more. Just 2 years ago I would have never done something like this alone. Look at me now. 

May 18th, 2022

My Sales Promotion Next Month

I work in sales at PandaDoc, a billion dollar software company. Next month I'll be promoted to a new sales position.

I pushed for a pay raise and I was surprised at how much better life can be if you just ask.

Building MadGuides (again)

Back in August of 2020 I launched the first version of MadGuides. I've decided to relaunch it. Before, it was this hideous green...

The hideous green of MadGuides 1.0